Sandals Emerald Bay Bahamas

As the luggage is unloaded at the entrance to the Sandals Emerald Bay Bahamas resort and the first vision is the beautiful West Indies-style furnishing with the highly polished wood floors and clean glistening white walls. Turn around; look out the front of the lobby to the spectacular view of the crystal blue waters and the white sand beach. The tranquility of this marvelous resort simply engulfs those who enter the facility and makes all guest feel they are welcomed and have arrived at a new and comfortable home.

As the bags are deposited into the luxurious rooms, open the sliding glass door to look over the beach or the pool and savor the luxury of the plush linens atop the beautiful mahogany bed. The rooms are bright and airy and have a variety of beautiful West Indian furnishings, comfortable wicker chairs and divans, in addition to a gorgeous marble bathroom. Take a stroll to one of the airy restaurants and enjoy a relaxing snack before heading out to the spectacular crescent, beautiful sandy beach.

Once the guest are outside, they can decide on which of the activities at the Sandals Emerald Bay Bahamas they want to try first – since it’s an all inclusive resort, there’s enough activities to keep everyone happy. Sailors will enjoy the sailboat excursions just as much as kayakers and windsurfers will love being out on the magnificent waters as well. SCUBA divers prefer being under the water enjoying the beauty of the coral reefs and exploring the boat wrecks just a ways off the sandy beach and shores. The landlubbers will have a great time playing volleyball on the beach, tennis on any of the exceptional tennis courts, billiards, or a variety of board games.

Now it’s time for a sumptuous lunch at Il Cielo, with its magnificent terrace overlooking the ocean and the beautiful gardens, choose from a variety of excellent Italian cuisine. For those who want even more casual dining, try the Barefoot by the Sea with its Caribbean-style thatched roof and local specialties including sea bass and ahi. Since not everyone enjoys sea food, bout about a lively English Pub called the Drunken Duck with its selection of fish and chips, bangers and mash, or shepherd’s pie – not to mention their incredible bread pudding or the best peach or apple cobblers made anywhere. And finish up with the Bahama Bay that’s a fabulous open air restaurant that has the best buffet, and desserts that can’t be beaten anywhere. There’s even a pasta station that will prepare dishes to the guest’s specifications.

Guests will have such a variety of activities from deep sea fishing to bone fishing and light tackle fishing to tours of the local town, and excursions to offshore islands. Whatever tickles their fancy for a vacation in paradise is available at the Sandals Emerald Bay Bahamas, and since it’s an all inclusive resort, guests have a great idea of the cost of the vacation in a wonderful Caribbean island setting.