Top 5 Most Remote Tropical Islands

A remote tropical island getaway is a vital ingredient in ensuring a honeymoon or anniversary vacation is just perfect. Here are the top 5 most remote tropical islands in the world…

Samoa is graced with countless waterfalls, all with its own special character and charm. It is made up of ten islands and brags of views of green valleys, volcanic mountain peaks and surrounded by a ring of white sandy beaches. It is rich in vegetation and banyan trees can be seen all over the rainforest, as well as much tropical fruit and flowers that grow naturally on the island. As well as the glistening blue sea waters, there are a number of lagoons, many of which on islands which are not inhabited on, and are home to wildlife and protected by the colourful coral reef.

MotuAkituo is a small island, originally discovered by HMS Bounty back in 1789 and is therefore filled with culture and history. It forms part of the Cook Islands situated within the South Pacific ideally located for those in Australia or New Zealand. It has beautiful bright blue lagoons. Visitors are more or less guaranteed to be able to treat the lagoons as their own private swimming areas due to the little other human contact you will have. Amongst it white sandy beaches, the Aituki Lagoon Resort and Spa will give all visitors the privacy and pampering they need to make their vacation truly special. It is one of the few places on earth which has remained untouched by human hands and is breathtakingly beautiful and affordable with rooms starting from just $20 a night!

Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands is another island offering visitors a once in a lifetime holiday experience. The island is owned by Richard Branson, and is usually rented out to one group of people at a time to ensure exclusivity. Therefore, if you have plenty of money to spend, this is the destination you need to be at. You and your guests will receive exclusive treatment from the staff working there, who will organise any activities you wish to do. Also included is a fully equipped spa and Michelin-rated chefs to ensure your holiday experience is truly memorable.

Galapagos is perhaps the most in-demand remote Tropical Island. It is the island where Charles Darwin developed his theory on evolution by natural selection and is therefore filled with exotic animals. To mark the importance of this island, it is at present celebrating Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday! There is an amazing five star hotel on the island, the Royal Palm, where visitors will receive top quality service, and will exceed all expectations.

The Qurimbas Archipelago expands for 100km along the coast of Mozambique. The islands are home to the world’s richest coral reefs and extraordinary sea life. It is made up of 32 coral islands, forming a natural barrier between Mozambique and Tanzania. The islands have never been developed and therefore remain relatively remote as far as tourists are concerned, and so retaining its natural beauty. There is however a National Park consisting of fabulous green forests, built to protect the area and its wildlife.