Where To Rent A Tropical Island

Tropical islands…these two words itself brings the beautiful images of gently swaying palm trees, fresh coconuts gleaming under a bright sun, sparkling clean white beaches and a panoramic view of the ocean beyond…dreamy isn’t it? A perfect getaway that you have been planning with your newlywed…or to take the children in their holidays. But renting such an island? Did you just say impossible? Well, you will probably be relieved to know that it is not. There are certain islands that you can lay your hands on for less than 1000 $ per week. First let’s throw some light on the tropical islands that are most easily accessible.

To begin with, the massive continent of Asia hosts many of the mostly discussed islands of the world. Maldives, a cluster of many islands is simply excellent for tourism purposes. The atolls here are decked with corals and the surrounding lagoons offer breathtaking depths and shades of turquoise and blue. Snorkeling and diving here, according to those who have done this before, is a truly divine feeling. Islands around the Indian subcontinent are also beautiful and affordable. Again there is the exotic Indonesia which offers many islands to rent. The tropical climate can be enjoyed to its very best in Asia.

Next in our list are the Caribbean private islands. It has the very thing that a beach lover’s heart craves for. The scenic beauty of the place is too great to be imbibed in words. Warm tropical blue waters, clean sandy beaches and a wondrous cheery weather will make you want to go here again and again. Indulge in boating, sea-sports or simply gaze at the mesmerizing view of ocean stretched in front. Time simply flies when you are at the Caribbean islands.

South America is another remarkable continent which can boast of some really beautiful tropical island properties. Tropical climate is the best when you want to enjoy the sea and sand, and the islands dotting the Brazilian and Caribbean coasts are the best in this regard. But if you want to test the temperate locales, for difference you can opt for Argentina and southern Chile. The sheer exoticism that accompanies South American islands enthralls and awes.

The most popular islands when one thinks of renting one are the following:
• Garden Island, Fiji
• Enedrik Island, Marshall Islands
• Kerala Island Resort, India
• Macan Island, Indonesia
• Lissenung Island, Papua New Guinea

The most important thing is the cost that you incur in such a tour. Off course the price that you pay for the island is remarkable but there are certain things that you must keep in mind to make it hassle free. The location of the island is a very important thing. The more remote it is more is the transportation cost, because you will have to use chartered boats and private planes. Most islands that are let out have the basic arrangements for staying comfortably, but it is a good idea to have a solid research on the same, especially when you are taking along kids. Again the rule of thumb says that the more remote the island, the fewer will be the amenities. It is most likely that you will need to carry food supplies and water along with you. Keep these basic points in mind and have the most amazing time of your life in any of the popular tropical destinations…amen!