Where To Rent A Tropical Island

Tropical islands…these two words itself brings the beautiful images of gently swaying palm trees, fresh coconuts gleaming under a bright sun, sparkling clean white beaches and a panoramic view of the ocean beyond…dreamy isn’t it? A perfect getaway that you have been planning with your newlywed…or to take the children in their holidays. But renting such an island? Did you just say impossible? Well, you will probably be relieved to know that it is not. There are certain islands that you can lay your hands on for less than 1000 $ per week. First let’s throw some light on the tropical islands that are most easily accessible.

To begin with, the massive continent of Asia hosts many of the mostly discussed islands of the world. Maldives, a cluster of many islands is simply excellent for tourism purposes. The atolls here are decked with corals and the surrounding lagoons offer breathtaking depths and shades of turquoise and blue. Snorkeling and diving here, according to those who have done this before, is a truly divine feeling. Islands around the Indian subcontinent are also beautiful and affordable. Again there is the exotic Indonesia which offers many islands to rent. The tropical climate can be enjoyed to its very best in Asia.

Next in our list are the Caribbean private islands. It has the very thing that a beach lover’s heart craves for. The scenic beauty of the place is too great to be imbibed in words. Warm tropical blue waters, clean sandy beaches and a wondrous cheery weather will make you want to go here again and again. Indulge in boating, sea-sports or simply gaze at the mesmerizing view of ocean stretched in front. Time simply flies when you are at the Caribbean islands.

South America is another remarkable continent which can boast of some really beautiful tropical island properties. Tropical climate is the best when you want to enjoy the sea and sand, and the islands dotting the Brazilian and Caribbean coasts are the best in this regard. But if you want to test the temperate locales, for difference you can opt for Argentina and southern Chile. The sheer exoticism that accompanies South American islands enthralls and awes.

The most popular islands when one thinks of renting one are the following:
• Garden Island, Fiji
• Enedrik Island, Marshall Islands
• Kerala Island Resort, India
• Macan Island, Indonesia
• Lissenung Island, Papua New Guinea

The most important thing is the cost that you incur in such a tour. Off course the price that you pay for the island is remarkable but there are certain things that you must keep in mind to make it hassle free. The location of the island is a very important thing. The more remote it is more is the transportation cost, because you will have to use chartered boats and private planes. Most islands that are let out have the basic arrangements for staying comfortably, but it is a good idea to have a solid research on the same, especially when you are taking along kids. Again the rule of thumb says that the more remote the island, the fewer will be the amenities. It is most likely that you will need to carry food supplies and water along with you. Keep these basic points in mind and have the most amazing time of your life in any of the popular tropical destinations…amen!

Top 10 Tropical Island Honeymoon Destinations

When you think about the perfect honeymoon destination, the vision most people see is topical island, white sandy beaches, and beautiful seas to set the backdrop for romance. These are therefore the top 10 tropical island honeymoon destinations:


Tahiti is one of three famous islands in the area, the other two being Moorea and Bora and Bora. With crystal clear waters, beautiful and tropical wildlife designed for taking long strolls, and the inviting warm waters of the many lagoons all over the island adding to setting a romantic mood, Tahiti is the best honeymoon destination.


Famous for the Hula dancers, Hawaii is the ultimate honeymoon getaway. Its friendly residents and the greeting you receive on arrival at the airport make any newly married couple feel truly special. The infamous flower necklace every visitor receives on arrival is guaranteed to make the perfect souvenir.


Fiji is an island filled with culture and history, as well as the colourful coral reef and tropical fish, white sandy beaches you would expect on any tropical island it will create a unique atmosphere to celebrate a marriage. The island set the scene for blockbuster movies such as Cast Away and The Blue Lagoon being portrayed as the ultimate paradise island.

St Lucia

St Lucia is another top 10 honeymoon destination with couples having the luxury of basking in Caribbean sun. Other options to create the perfect honeymoon is sailing into the sunset with a bottle of champagne, star gazing under the dark, star filled skies, and enjoying countless romantic dinners on an empty beach.


Bali, also known as the island of the Gods, is filled with beaches, delicious local dishes. The people of Bali are extremely friendly and honeymooners are given the chance to experience the Balinese culture through dancing, arts and various handicrafts. Bali is an ideal location as it is not a destination of just beaches. It has a number of impressive Hindu Temples for those looking to do a spot of sight seeing as well.

U.S. Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands boasts of having the best shopping in the entire Caribbean as well as the usual and very important white sandy beaches. It may be perhaps the best location for US citizens who will not need their passport to enjoy a sun filled romantic honeymoon. The islands also benefit from having a national forest, unique local artwork and a lively nightlife.

The Maldives

With a honeymoon in the Maldives, couples can, amongst the beaches and sea, sail to a nearby uninhibited island to spend the day on their own private island for the day, ending with an intimate meal under the bright stars.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas has been a top honeymoon destination for many years. With over 700 exotic islands to explore, no one day of your honeymoon will be the same, each day creating new and exciting memories and experiences.


The bright and vibrant island of Jamaica provides the perfect honeymoon location for all. Whether you enjoy the lively Montego Bay, or the quieter, coastal area of Ocho Rios, there will be something for all. Activities such as diving, bamboo rafting and white water rafting will ensure all couples have a wonderful time. There is also plenty of heritage and culture in Jamaica and a trip to the infamous Kingston should be at the top of the itinerary. Honeymooners will also be able to taste the famous Jamaican coffee, delicious foods there are on offer, as well as visiting some of the most exhilarating theme parks to ensure the honeymoon is full of laughs as well as romance of course.

The Seychelles

The Seychelles is one the most unspoilt islands within the Indian Ocean guaranteed to allow couples a romantic and blissful vacation. Here, couples can also go island-hopping to the amazing and highly recommended islands of Praslin, Mahe where the infamous coc-de-mer grows on the old and very impressive palm trees. With all international flights arriving in the capital island of the Seychelles, it is an easy journey with maximum enjoyment with your loved one.

Sandals Halcyon Beach St. Lucia

St. Lucia, known to many as being a personal island paradise, is an ideal holiday destination for all, and there is no better way to enjoy your stay than by staying at the Sandals Halcoyn Beach resort. With great locals who are extremely friendly, good food, fun and exciting activities, any discerning tourist will fall in love with this island!

The rooms at the resort are fitted with air conditioning – a must in such a hot and sunny location, a hair dryer, an essential, especially for the ladies, and a television. All rooms also have a whirlpool bath, ideal for soaking in the evenings after a fun filled day to fully relax and take in the events of the day.

Within the resort, there are also plenty of things to keep everyone fully occupied. There is a fitness centre available for all visitors to the resort, as well as tennis courts for those who love the outdoors and enjoy sports. There are also laundry facilities which are particular important to families with young children.

During the day, visitors can enjoy such activities such as learning to kayak, sail and windsurf. Visitors can also go snorkelling in the open waters and explore the underwater world with beautiful coloured reefs and fish. Scuba divers can explore in deeper waters with a fully qualified dive instructor, guaranteed to take you to the best spots.

For those looking for a more relaxed vacation, there is, in addition of course to the public beach a very short distance from the resort, an outdoor pool with sun loungers where visitors can sit back, read a good book and have a cold drink or snack. For the younger visitors, the resort have put together a group, called The Playmakers, who organise and set up pool games to keep all children occupied.

In the evenings, visitors can venture out to the disco/night club within the resort and enjoy with all the other visitors dancing the night away with a variety of music, as well as music from the Carribean, which nights are also organised by The Playmakers.

The Halcoyn Beach resort is a relatively small resort, and is therefore ideal for those looking for a romantic getaway spot. The staff is extremely friendly and will aim to meet all your needs, ready to help with any question, query or request a holiday maker may have.

Also available to be booked at the reception is a four hour Jeep Safari giving visitors a unique tour through the rainforest at the back of St Lucia, stopping for a swim under a paradise waterfall and eating exotic pineapples.

If you take a stroll down to the beach, and want to spend the evening soaking up the beauty of the island, what better way to do this than to book at reception a private Gazebo which will come with your very own waiter, and five course meal you can choose personally. This is guaranteed to set the scene for the perfect romantic day for any honeymoon or anniversary.

Top 5 Most Remote Tropical Islands

A remote tropical island getaway is a vital ingredient in ensuring a honeymoon or anniversary vacation is just perfect. Here are the top 5 most remote tropical islands in the world…

Samoa is graced with countless waterfalls, all with its own special character and charm. It is made up of ten islands and brags of views of green valleys, volcanic mountain peaks and surrounded by a ring of white sandy beaches. It is rich in vegetation and banyan trees can be seen all over the rainforest, as well as much tropical fruit and flowers that grow naturally on the island. As well as the glistening blue sea waters, there are a number of lagoons, many of which on islands which are not inhabited on, and are home to wildlife and protected by the colourful coral reef.

MotuAkituo is a small island, originally discovered by HMS Bounty back in 1789 and is therefore filled with culture and history. It forms part of the Cook Islands situated within the South Pacific ideally located for those in Australia or New Zealand. It has beautiful bright blue lagoons. Visitors are more or less guaranteed to be able to treat the lagoons as their own private swimming areas due to the little other human contact you will have. Amongst it white sandy beaches, the Aituki Lagoon Resort and Spa will give all visitors the privacy and pampering they need to make their vacation truly special. It is one of the few places on earth which has remained untouched by human hands and is breathtakingly beautiful and affordable with rooms starting from just $20 a night!

Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands is another island offering visitors a once in a lifetime holiday experience. The island is owned by Richard Branson, and is usually rented out to one group of people at a time to ensure exclusivity. Therefore, if you have plenty of money to spend, this is the destination you need to be at. You and your guests will receive exclusive treatment from the staff working there, who will organise any activities you wish to do. Also included is a fully equipped spa and Michelin-rated chefs to ensure your holiday experience is truly memorable.

Galapagos is perhaps the most in-demand remote Tropical Island. It is the island where Charles Darwin developed his theory on evolution by natural selection and is therefore filled with exotic animals. To mark the importance of this island, it is at present celebrating Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday! There is an amazing five star hotel on the island, the Royal Palm, where visitors will receive top quality service, and will exceed all expectations.

The Qurimbas Archipelago expands for 100km along the coast of Mozambique. The islands are home to the world’s richest coral reefs and extraordinary sea life. It is made up of 32 coral islands, forming a natural barrier between Mozambique and Tanzania. The islands have never been developed and therefore remain relatively remote as far as tourists are concerned, and so retaining its natural beauty. There is however a National Park consisting of fabulous green forests, built to protect the area and its wildlife.

Top 5 Vanuatu Resorts

The island of Vaunatu is a “Y” island 2,500 km north-east of Sydney, Australia. It is a paradise island filled with volcanoes, ship wrecks, water rapids and blue-holes. It has a vast amount of historic art and dance and has numerous concealed bays so holiday makers are bound to find a private spot. There are a number of resorts on the island but the top 5 are set out…

Eratap Beach Resort

This is Vanuatu’s newest resort and is an exclusive luxury resort, small and hidden on the island with only 11 luxurious waterfront villas. The resort benefits from an amazing beachfront restaurant comprising of breathtaking views of the sunset, a large private swimming pool, a day spa, and a bar area.

The resort is cleverly located, capturing the entrances of three separate beaches, so visitors have a difficult choice to make, since all three beaches are uniquely beautiful in their own ways. In addition, the resort is surrounded by eight acres of natural gardens, home to many tropical plants and trees as well as lagoons and colourful reefs.

Villa Chaumieres

Vila Chaumieres was originally built in 1985, and is famous for being located above the magical waters of the second lagoon of Vanuatu. It boasts stunning views, delicious food and top quality service, the ideal location for honeymoons and wedding anniversaries. All rooms come with a spacious balcony which overlooks the Erakor Lagoon setting the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway.

Lagoon Beach Resort Apartments And Villas

An ideal holiday resort for families who are looking for apartments and villas to rent for the duration of their stay, Lagoon Beach Resort is one of the most popular destinations. All apartments and villas are completely self-contained and very spacious with all the extras you would expect from a top resort.

It lies just 5 minutes from downtown Port Vila ideal for those who want to venture out and explore the capital city of the island. Visitors can also spend their days lounging on the bright white sands of the resort’s private beach, kayak on the bright blue waters of the lagoon, and take long strolls around the exotic and tropical island paradise.

Coral Motel

Coral Motel is a small family run resort, with 10 self contained studios, each benefiting from an en-suite bathroom. In addition, there are two self contained cottages, ideal for larger groups of travellers, or families. All apartments have a queen and single bed, a dining area and kitchen with all appliances. Furthermore, all rooms are air conditioned, a necessity for hot days and nights.

The Coral Motel is beautifully themed in an ‘Island Style’ with a fabulous coconut palm garden facing Fatumaru Bay in the capital city of Port Vila, which is a short walk or mini bus ride away.

Tamanu On The Beach

Tamanu On The Beach is set in a truly tropical location amongst white sandy roads a short drive out of the capital city of Port Vila. The resort is home to the most relaxing beachfront resort surrounded by five acres of topical gardens. The resort faces a private beach and the South Pacific Ocean.

There are many activities a visitor can do, be they romantic or adventurous, ranging from cycling, deep hole snorkelling or organising a quiet romantic rendevous. The resort is famous for its delicious foods, with the Chef’s favourite being fresh local lobster!

Sandals Resort St. Johns, Antigua

Close your eyes and visualize spectacular, crystal blue waters, gorgeous sandy beaches, warm tropical breezes, romantic sunsets, fabulous activities, and all in an all inclusive resort. Sounds like an absolutely amazing dream, doesn’t it? It’s not a dream; it’s a reality for everyone who visits the Sandals Resort St. Johns, Antigua – it’s truly a complete paradise. Let’s take a stroll around this spectacular paradise resort and find out why this Sandals makes the difference in an all inclusive luxury vacation.

Let’s talk about just the food alone – the variety of cuisine is unmatched by any resort across the topics and it’s prepared with the highest quality ingredients according to the demands of the most meticulous Master Chefs. Aromas from the pizza baked in authentic brick ovens that mingle with the tangy Caribbean menus from Jamaica and the Bahamas, blended into the classic French and luscious Italian makes everyone hungry just walking through these beautiful grounds and trying to decide what sounds good for lunch or dinner. Breakfast on the lanai, overlooking the sparkling waters and feeling the crisp warm breezes first thing in the morning just can’t be beaten.

Ok, so everyone is now fed, what next? Activities galore! One of the great activities around this lovely island’s reef and fascinating wrecks includes SCUBA diving. Regardless of whether the guest is PADI or DAN certified, or have never dived prior to setting foot on this breathtaking beach, the Sandals Resort St. Johns, Antigua has certified instructors who are excellent to provide a certification course that includes all the instruction as well as the BCs, tanks, fins, and masks to experience a thrilling underwater diving adventure. Once the diving is done, there’s sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming in the beautiful waters.

For guests who are more inclined to land activities, how about 18 holes of golf on a spectacular championship course? Done! And even more appealing to the golfer is that the golf is unlimited and the greens fees are complementary. For those who want more than just golf, there’s tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, billiards, ping pong, and a variety of lawn, indoor, and pub games. Plus there a fitness center that also have in-house trainer to help guests stay in shape after all the incredible food, drinks, and lounging on the gorgeous beach.

After a day of playing in the water, a round of golf, or an excursion to one of the offshore islands with its secluded beaches, it’s time for a scrumptious dinner, and then off to bed in one of the most luxurious rooms in the Caribbean. With complete attention to details in every room, there are gorgeous mahogany four-poster bed, marbled baths, luxurious premium linens, a stocked refrigerator, even some that come with personal butlers. The room can be by the pool or at the beach. Expectations of a great night’s sleep are never disappointing at this magnificent Sandals Resort St. Johns, Antigua. Whether it’s a week or a long weekend, this is an exceptional choice.

Sandals Emerald Bay Bahamas

As the luggage is unloaded at the entrance to the Sandals Emerald Bay Bahamas resort and the first vision is the beautiful West Indies-style furnishing with the highly polished wood floors and clean glistening white walls. Turn around; look out the front of the lobby to the spectacular view of the crystal blue waters and the white sand beach. The tranquility of this marvelous resort simply engulfs those who enter the facility and makes all guest feel they are welcomed and have arrived at a new and comfortable home.

As the bags are deposited into the luxurious rooms, open the sliding glass door to look over the beach or the pool and savor the luxury of the plush linens atop the beautiful mahogany bed. The rooms are bright and airy and have a variety of beautiful West Indian furnishings, comfortable wicker chairs and divans, in addition to a gorgeous marble bathroom. Take a stroll to one of the airy restaurants and enjoy a relaxing snack before heading out to the spectacular crescent, beautiful sandy beach.

Once the guest are outside, they can decide on which of the activities at the Sandals Emerald Bay Bahamas they want to try first – since it’s an all inclusive resort, there’s enough activities to keep everyone happy. Sailors will enjoy the sailboat excursions just as much as kayakers and windsurfers will love being out on the magnificent waters as well. SCUBA divers prefer being under the water enjoying the beauty of the coral reefs and exploring the boat wrecks just a ways off the sandy beach and shores. The landlubbers will have a great time playing volleyball on the beach, tennis on any of the exceptional tennis courts, billiards, or a variety of board games.

Now it’s time for a sumptuous lunch at Il Cielo, with its magnificent terrace overlooking the ocean and the beautiful gardens, choose from a variety of excellent Italian cuisine. For those who want even more casual dining, try the Barefoot by the Sea with its Caribbean-style thatched roof and local specialties including sea bass and ahi. Since not everyone enjoys sea food, bout about a lively English Pub called the Drunken Duck with its selection of fish and chips, bangers and mash, or shepherd’s pie – not to mention their incredible bread pudding or the best peach or apple cobblers made anywhere. And finish up with the Bahama Bay that’s a fabulous open air restaurant that has the best buffet, and desserts that can’t be beaten anywhere. There’s even a pasta station that will prepare dishes to the guest’s specifications.

Guests will have such a variety of activities from deep sea fishing to bone fishing and light tackle fishing to tours of the local town, and excursions to offshore islands. Whatever tickles their fancy for a vacation in paradise is available at the Sandals Emerald Bay Bahamas, and since it’s an all inclusive resort, guests have a great idea of the cost of the vacation in a wonderful Caribbean island setting.