DTAC Tourist eSIM – For 16 Days in Thailand


  • 16 Days – 15GB of highest speed
  • Chat apps don’t count against data usage
  • eSim for dual SIM iPhone 11, Xs, Xs Max, and Xr and more
  • Quick (1-5hr) Digital delivery of eSIM codes
  • Highest speed (4G/LTE) data AND unlimited 2G (384 kbps)
  • Free calls within DTAC network 
  • 15 Baht of calling credit included
  • eSIMs can not be shared or removed
  • Best purchased no more than 10 days before your trip

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About DTAC Happy Tourist eSIM

The Dtac Happy Tourist eSIM is a single country travel SIM from Thailand’s 3rd largest mobile carrier, but the #1 most popular SIM with tourists.  With data prices as low as 10 times cheaper than other roaming options, it’s a great choice, especially in the new eSIM supported format.   No need to wait for a SIM to arrive or wait in lines – just scan the SIM code and go.

You can purchase the Dtac Happy Tourist eSIM a few days before or on the day of your trip to Thailand.  The main package gives you data as the highest speeds available, and then unlimited speeds of 384kbps (2G) for the rest of your package.

Dtac Happy eSIM Features

  • Works in all of Thailand with great coverage
  • Get 8 days (+8 days) of data
  • Unlimited 2G
  • Free to call help center : 1678





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